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Create Your Own Tide

UKA admin


Let’s face it. Navigating through the changing tides of fashion and design can be taxing. Some  spend hours upon hours trolling various outlets (magazines, big box stores, etc.) looking for the next "it" thing, the next and latest trend. Here at Uka we simply prefer not to. Don't get us wrong, inspiration comes from everywhere but we consider ourselves non-trenders

Growing up, our parents always supported and encouraged our burgeoning independent souls and we love the shit out of them for that. That being said, there is no turning off the autonomous brain. This would explain why we have such an internal struggle when stepping foot into any big box store. If someone else has already thought of it (not to mention mass-produced it), then the exhilaration of the creative process is halted. For example, by the time something hits any big box store's floor (not naming names), it’s not really new because it’s already been featured somewhere else and most likely by a true artisan who put blood, sweat, and tears into it (we could write a book about this). And can we agree, there’s nothing chic or appealing about showing up somewhere in the same dress that your co-worker, cousin, neighbor, or best friend has on. Lucky for us, if we run into one of these stores (to get that last minute forgotten item) and our eyes happen to wander towards other sections, a little voice inside our heads commences. It steers us straight into thoughts about conventionalism and sustainability which helps us to grab that gallon of milk and scurry toward the nearest checkout.

So, how do we benchmark the items sourced for ourselves or our business? We have some simple non-negotiables… It has to be ethically produced and sustainably made (second-hand is tops!). It has to be quality. We desperately want it to be one-of-a-kind or as close as we can get to it, and of course we love anything with a history. Oh and we can’t forget that if it makes you feel confident, creative, and powerful when worn or displayed, it was undoubtedly worth the labor it took to hunt it down.

We are proud to say that Uka Market is a business that does not simply navigate predictable patterns. We put trust in ourselves as sisters, business partners, and artisans. Most importantly, when it comes to the tides of fashion and design, we don't let anyone else be our sun and moon.  

~XOXO The Swanson Sisters

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